How to register in GUP

You can register your publications manually or by importing posts from another database. State affiliation, your connection to the University, when registering in GUP.

Register in GUP

Log in with your x-account and register your publication manually or by importing from another database.

Some departments have an administrator on staff that handles the GUP registrations. Contact your department to find out if you are able to get help with registering.

Register by importing

You can register in GUP by importing information about your publication from other databases. Currently these databases entail Scopus, PubMed, EndNote, Libris and Gupea.

When importing to GUP you have to state affiliation and subject manually for each publication. You can also supplement your post with other information that may be missing.

Import publication to GUP

State your correct affiliation

When registering in GUP it is important to state which affiliation, connection to the University, each author has. The information about the publications in GUP is used for evaluations and as a basis for allocation of research funding. Therefore, you always have to state the same affiliation when registering your publication as you did in the publication itself.

If you register a publication with an author from another university you, please leave the field for department name empty. You don't have to state any affiliation for external authors.

Check duplicates

To avoid duplicates in GUP you can check if your publication already exists before beginning to register.

Search publication in GUP

Your publication may already be registered in GUP since the Library continuously imports information from other databases. There is also a possibility that a co-author registered your publication already.

Contact us about registration in GUP

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