Library instruction in courses and programs

The library's instruction helps your students get better at finding, evaluating and referencing research publications or other information. Our teaching promotes a reflective and analytical approach to information sources and information retrieval and develops skills in searching for, evaluating and managing information.

Good information skills strengthens students' opportunities to succeed both in individual courses and in their program as a whole. In addition they gain increased ability to follow the development of knowledge in their field, and to apply source criticism both in a future professional role and as citizens. The instruction thereby contributes to the students fulfilling the general objective of the Swedish Higher Education Act, Chapter 1, Section 8, regarding the ability to search for and evaluate knowledge at a scientific level.

"The resources and films the library teachers bring to the course deepens the student experience in our online master's. Working together with library staff enriches our teaching and student's learning. For those students that use and participate in the online library sessions we can see improved outcomes'."

Dawn Sanders, Co-course leader, ESD500 Masters’ course
Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies

Course content and structure

The library's instruction focuses on three closely related areas of knowledge: information searching and information resources, scientific publishing and source criticism, and finally reference management. The instruction is most effective when it is planned together with the responsible teachers, and integrated into a course or program. The teaching is designed according to the goals, needs and conditions of your course or program. In cooperation with you - the course coordinator - we develop an approach that ties in with the objectives of your course.

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Bibliotekarie i ALC-sal med studenter

Information searching and information resources

Our sessions support the students' development of knowledge, skills and understanding in order to:

  • Comprehend the function of information retrieval as part of the scientific work process
  • Independently search for relevant research/information/data
  • Analyse and evaluate a search result in relation to a knowledge need

Scientific publication and source criticism

Our sessions support the students' development of knowledge, skills and understanding in order to:

  • Establish awareness of quality indicators and quality review processes within scientific publishing
  • Assess the scientificity, credibility and usefulness of a document based on the type and form of publication
  • Critically reflect on scientific publishing within their own subject area
  • Navigate a scientific publication in an appropriate way

Reference management

Our sessions support the students' development of knowledge, skills and understanding in order to:

  • Understand the function of reference management within the academic context and its ties to academic integrity
  • Formulate references in an appropriate way
  • Provide knowledge of relevant tools and strategies for effective reference management

Teaching methodology

Library instructors typically apply an exercise-based and student-activating teaching methodology, often in an ALC environment. We conduct teaching on campus, via Zoom, in hybrid format and/or via training materials in Canvas.

Schedule the library's instruction

Contact us to learn more about how our work can be integrated into your course or program. We find that student achievement and learning always benefit from progression, such as when two to three sessions are planned at strategic times during a course.


We charge 450 SEK per hour for groups of up to ten students, and 900 SEK per hour for groups of more than ten students.

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In addition to teaching sessions for courses and programs, the library offers several complementary services.

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