Newspapers and newspaper articles

Newspaper articles can be found in our databases covering the daily press. Newspapers in their entirety are available in digitised form, on microfilm and in some cases in printed form at some of our libraries. Please note that access to the Social Sciences Library's microfilms and older printed newspapers is limited, due to ongoing construction work of the West Link.

Find newspapers in databases

The library has several databases covering the daily press that contain newspaper articles in full text and references to articles. The databases cover different time periods and different newspapers. See the respective database description to choose the right one for your search.

Accessing databases

Students and staff at the University of Gothenburg can access the databases through the university network, or by logging in with the GU account when outside of campus. Everyone visiting the University Library can use our computers to access the databases.

About accessing e-resources off-campus

Find digitised newspapers

The database Svenska dagstidningar contains digitised newspapers covering nearly 1500 titles from 1645 to the present. The database does not contain newspapers from the latest four months. Newspapers older than 115 years are freely available directly in the database.

Newspapers that are less than 115 years old can only be read on special computers that have full access to the database for copyright reasons. There is one such computer at the Economics Library, as well as one at the Humanities Library. Contact the libraries to book one of the computers.

About computers with full access to Svenska dagstidningar

Find microfilms and older printed newspapers

Access to the Social Sciences Library's microfilms and older printed newspapers is temporarily limited, as the library's premises are temporarily closed due to construction work of the West Link. It is possible to order the material to the Humanities Library instead, provided that it is not available in digital form.

Top tip! You can see for yourself whether the content of the older printed newspapers and the microfilms are accessible digitally via the databases Svenska dagstidningar and Mediearkivet. It is also possible to order copies of newspaper articles from the National Library in Stockholm.

Request microfilms and older printed newspapers

Older printed newspapers can only be ordered by researchers and employees at the University of Gothenburg. As for microfilms, they can be ordered by anyone. The material is delivered to the Humanities Library. Please note that it can take up to 10 days before the material is available at the Humanities Library.

Request microfilms and older printed newspapers

Older printed newspapers at Humanities Library

The Humanities Library has a number of older printed newspapers from the mid-18th century onward. These are original versions and the newspapers are often in a delicate condition. They are therefore placed in closed stacks and may only be read in the special reading room. You can request these older printed newspapers as usual in Katalog-1957.

Find facts about newspapers

If you need facts about Swedish newspapers, such as ideology or place of publication, you can use The National Library of Sweden's services Nya and Gamla Lundstedt. They contain information about Swedish newspapers from 1645 onwards.

To Gamla Lundstedt (1645 -1899) (Swedish)
To Nya Lundstedt (1900 - today) (Swedish)

Use the database World Press Trends to find statistics and facts about newspapers in different countries.

To World Press Trends

If we don't have the newspaper you need

If you need a newspaper that is not a part of the University Library's collections, you can order an interlibrary loan of the newspaper on microfilm. If it's a newspaper article you need, you can order a copy of the article.

About interlibrary loans and article copies

Contact us about newspapers

Contact the Social Sciences Library if you have questions about newspapers in databases or on microfilm.

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