Scores and sheet music

The Music and Drama Library holds a large collection of scores. Use Supersearch to find printed scores. You can also download scores for from the Library's databases or from free web resources.

Finding printed scores

Use Supersearch to find scores in the Library's collection. Search for composer, title or orchestration and limit your search to Scores under publication type.

When you have found printed scores and want to borrow them

When you find scores in Supersearch you can see if they are available and where they are located. Most of the scores are located in the Music and Drama Library. You must collect available scores from the shelf yourself. If the scores are loaned to someone else, you can join the waiting list.

The Music and Drama Library

Finding databases with scores to download

You can use the Library's databases to find and download scores. Use the Media type limiter Scores to see the databases with scores.

Databases with scores

Accessing databases

Students and staff at the University of Gothenburg can access the databases through the university network, or by logging in with the GU account when outside of campus. Everyone visiting the University Library can use our computers to access the databases.

About accessing e-resources off-campus

Finding scores in free web resources

There are a lot of free web resources with scores to download. The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden in Stockholm have a vast collection of scores to download in their library catalogue. The Library also has lists of links to free web resources with scores to download.

The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden in Stockholm

If we don't have the scores you need

If the Gothenburg University Library doesn't have the scores you need, you can place an order for an interlibrary loan. Choose the material type Scores when placing your order.

About interlibrary loans

Contact us about scores

Contact the Music and Drama Library if you need help finding scores.

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