Overdue fines and manual renewals are reintroduced

30 September 2021

To prevent the spread of infection, the library has had automatic renewals of borrowed material and has not charged fines for overdue loans.

Renew on time to avoid overdue fines

As the general advice on keeping distance ceases and the libraries open up, we are now reintroducering manual renewals of materials such as textbooks. We are also activating fines for overdue loans.

This means you now need to renew your textbooks yourself in My loans. You can renew a loan a maximum of 4 times, if no one else has placed a reservation.

Remember to return or renew your books on time to avoid overdue fines. The overdue fine for textbooks is SEK 10 per day and book. The overdue fine for other materials is SEK 100 per loan, which is added when the item is more than 14 days overdue.

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