Study places reopened, the public can borrow materials

21 January 2021

21 January we opened up some study places for students who cannot study from home. All libraries are now open. The library is primarily open for students and researchers, but the public can borrow and return material and read reference material at the libraries.

The library's service for students and staff in short

All libraries are open - including Hälsovetarbacken's library. Some libraries require a GU card with the correct faculty affiliation.
Study places – available for students who cannot study from home.
Reading studios – available for students with reading impairments.
Group study rooms – available at the Humanities Library. You can book the group room if you need to have a video meeting.
Printers – are available at all libraries.

The library's service for the public in short

Borrow and return materials – you cannot pick up requested books at all libraries.
Reference material - take part of material at the libraries.
Copy cards - sales paused.

Visit the library only if you must

Due to the spread of infection in society, we urge you to visit the library only if you must, for example to pick up or return books. Use our self service machines when borrowing and returning your loans. You can also return items at the outdoor book drops - also after closing time. Study from home if you can. If you must come to the library, it’s important for everyone’s safety that you show consideration and follow the directions in the library premises. For example, it is not allowed to move furniture around. Keep a distance from others.

Use our digital services

Search and borrow

You can access all our e-resources from home. You can search for and reserve books and other material as well as borrow e-books online.

Webinars about acadmic support services.

There are short lunch webinars, Studentsnabben, in Zoom on how to search for and manage references and how to write academic texts, study techniques and tips in Word.


Help via Zoom, forms and phone

We have drop in our information desk in Zoom. You can also contact via a form on the web or by calling us.

Contact us

Automatic renewal of loans

At the time being we have automatic renewals. Automatic renewals means that the library automatically renews the loan with one loan period at a time as long as no one else has requested the material. You will receive a message from the library when you need to return the book.

Automatic renewal of loans