Updated information about the library's instruction in courses and programs

22 March 2023

The library offers training for student groups at the University of Gothenburg. There is now updated information on how the training helps students become better at finding, assessing and referencing research publications or other information.

"The resources and films the library teachers bring to the course deepens the student experience in our online master's. Working together with library staff enriches our teaching and student's learning. For those students that use and participate in the online library sessions we can see improved outcomes'."

Dawn Sanders, Co-course leader, ESD500 Masters’ course
Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies

The instruction is most effective when it is planned together with the responsible teachers, and integrated into a course or program. The teaching is designed according to the goals, needs and conditions of your course or program. In cooperation with you - the course coordinator - we develop an approach that ties in with the objectives of your course.

About library instruction in courses and programs

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