Publish in Acta series

As a researcher active at the University of Gothenburg you can spread your research by publishing in an Acta series. The Acta series' publications are usually distributed in print and electronically.

About the Acta series

The University Library distributes three Acta series. You can find numbered publications lists of all the series, as well as editors and publication prices, in Sharepoint:

Many of the publications in the Acta series are available for purchase in printed form or to download in Gupea, the Gothenburg University Publications Electronic Archive.

Publish in Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis

As a researcher active at the University of Gothenburg you can spread your research by publishing in one of the series in the Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis. The finished Acta publication can then be borrowed at the Library and for sale in printed form. Many authors also choose to make the publication available in the database Gupea.

Application to publish

To be able to apply to publish you need a publishing agreement from the series' editor. How to apply:

  1. Decide which series you would like to publish in, then contact that series' editor. Find information about editors in the Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis publication lists in Sharepoint.
  2. Download and fill out the publishing application form below. The editor and the Acta comittee's secretary will sign the document after you have sent it.
  3. Send the application to the Acta committee via

If you do not have a GU account (x-account) you shall print, fill out the application and send it to:
Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis
Box 222
405 30 Göteborg

After this, your publication will be given an ISBN and a series number, and the Acta committee will approve your application.

Write a contract with the Acta committee

When your application gets approved, you and the series' editor write a contract with the Acta committee. In the contract you agree on the quantity of the edition, how many copies that should be printed to be for sale and how many copies that go to the University Library, to the series' editor, to the department of the series' editor and to you as an author.

When the contract is set up, the process of designing and producing the Acta publication can begin.

Design your Acta publication

When designing your Acta publication you use a number of templates that can be found in the Staff Portal.

To the Acta templates in the Staff Portal

Please use the manuals in the Staff Portal to learn how to use the templates, and to find out what graphic guidelines that apply to Acta publications. You can also ask the department of the series' editor if they offer any courses in how to use the templates.

Deposit to print and distribute

When your final proof is done and signed by the secretary of the Acta committee it is time to deposit your publication to the publisher to be printed. The University has a number of contracted printers that you can turn to.

Contracted printers

After print you deliver the agreed quantity of copies to the Humanities Library, delivery address Lundgrensgatan 1. Authors who publish in the Gothenburg Studies in Conservation series deliver copies to the Biomedical Library.

To make your Acta publication freely available to everyone you upload it to Gupea, the Gothenburg University Publications Electronic Archive. Contact your editor's department to get help with uploading your publication.

About publishing reports in Gupea

Request a reprint of your Acta publication

If you Acta publication is sold out you can send a request to the series' editor for it to be reprinted. When the request gets approved you can apply for it to be published again. You and the series' editor then sign the Acta committee's contract together to reprint the publication.

Publish in other Acta series

Contact each series' editors respectively if you want to publish in any of the other two Acta series that the University Library distributes. You can use the Library's lists of the Acta series to find detailed information about editors:

Publish your Acta publication in Kriterium

Kriterium is a portal for reviewing, publishing and spreading peer reviewed books. If you want to publish you Acta publication via Kriterium it is your editor that contacts Kriterium with a request.

To Kriterium

E-publish a doctoral thesis in Gupea

If your Acta publication is also a dissertation, it shall be published digitally, e-published, in the database Gupea. For the faculty to be able to e-publish your thesis, you need register your thesis in Gupea.

Instructions for e-publishing your dissertation

Contact us about Acta

Contact the University Library if you have any questions about publishing in Acta series.

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