Materials and Search Services A-Z

The A-Z list contains brief information about materials and the search services you use to find the materials. Filter or use the list to find the material types and search services you are looking for.

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  • Bill, see Government bills
  • Biokat is a scanned card catalogue that contains references to literature within medicine and natural sciences until about 1980. In Biokat you can browse and request books from the library stacks. Literature within these subjects published before 1957 can be found in Katalog -1957.

  • You find the University Library's books in Supersearch. For older books you might have to search our scanned and printed card catalogues.

  • Botankat is a scanned card catalogue that contains references to literature within botany up to 1978. In Botankat you can browse and request books from the library stacks. Literature within botany published before 1957 can be found in Katalog -1957.

  • With the service Browzine you can search, read, save and monitor many of the Library's electronic journals. Students and staff at the University of Gothenburg can access the articles in Browzine by logging in with their GU account.



  • Dahlkat is a scanned card catalogue that contains references to professor Carl G. Dahls (1875-1959) collection of literature within pomology (the study of cultivated fruits and fruit trees), horticulture and landscaping. The collection includes publications printed between 1539 and 1959.

  • The University Library's databases contain articles in full text, references to articles, statistics and company facts, dictionaries and other types of material. Use databases when you need to find scholarly information on a subject.

  • Datasets generated by research are made available through research data catalogues in various subjects. Use Google's dataset search to do a multidisciplinary search for datasets.

    Datasets can also be searched via the repositories' own catalogues. You can search for data repositories via the Registry of Data Repositories. A topic list of data repositories can be found at The Open Access Directory.

  • Diaries, see Manuscripts
  • A dictionary contains lists of words in a language or within a subject field, with an explanation of the meaning of the words in the same language or in a different language. A dictionary describes the language as opposed to an encyclopedia that describes the world. You can find dictionaries in Supersearch.

  • Digitised material is printed works which have been digitised, often in the form of a high-resolution PDF file. The material can be books, journals, posters, photographs, manuscripts or some other kind of printed or handwritten work from the Library's collections. Use dLiver to find and download the digitised material.

  • Dissertations, see Doctoral theses
  • dLiver, see Digitised material
  • A doctoral thesis is the final result of a doctoral students study period. You will find doctoral theses in Supersearch, Swepub and WorldCat.

  • Donated collections, see Special collections
  • Drama, see Theatre scripts
  • Ds, see Ministry Publication Series
  • DVD, see Audio and video


  • An e-book is an electronic book that can be read on your computer, mobile phone or tablet. You can find e-books in Supersearch.

  • Eko is a scanned card catalogue that contains references to literature within business administration, economics and law, published prior to 1980. In Eko you can browse and request books from the library stacks.

  • Encyclopedias contain lists of words sorted by subject or in alphabetical order, with short articles about the meaning of the words. An encyclopedia describes the meaning of the word in the world as opposed to a dictionary that describes the use of the word in language. You can find encyclopedias in Supersearch. Many of our electronic encyclopedias can be found in the database list.

  • Ephemera is older informational or commercial material such as booklets, pamphlets or brochures. The University Library's ephemera collection is located at the Humanities Library.

  • Essays, see Student theses
  • Exlibris, see Special collections


  • A fanzine is a non-official publication produced by fans and enthusiasts of a particular phenomenon, for the pleasure of others who share their interest. Fanzine contents usually relate to the hobby, which can be for example a literary or musical genre. Fanzines are located at the Art Library and the Humanities Library. Use Supersearch to find fanzines.

  • Film, see Audio and video


  • In the database Gena you may find PhD theses in Women's Studies, Men's Studies and Gender Research in Sweden, from 1960 onwards. Newer theses are often available in full text. The interface is in Swedish but many of the theses are written in English and most of those in other languages have an English abstract.

  • Glossary, see Dictionaries
  • Find out what government bills that precedes legislation in the SFS registry at the website Government bills can be found in the Library's law databases or on the Riksdag website. Older bills are available in print at the Library and can be found by using Supersearch.

  • GUP is the University of Gothenburg publication database. GUP contains references to articles, book chapters, whole books, reports and other material published by authors at the University of Gothenburg. The database extends from 2004 onwards. In accordance with decision from the Vice-Chancellor, authors at the University of Gothenburg are to register their publications i GUP.

  • Gupea (Gothenburg University Publications - Electronic Archive) is a database for electronic publishing. In Gupea you will find doctoral theses and other publications by authors working at the University. The database also contains student theses and a large collection of video and audio resources, as well as the University Library's digitized collections.


  • Handbooks contain guidance or overview within a subject field. Handbooks can be manuals and contain detailed instructions. They can also contain more in-depth facts and therefore resemble subject specific encyclopedias. You can find handbooks in Supersearch.



  • Katalog -1957 (Pre -1957 Catalogue) is a scanned card catalogue that contains references to literature within all subject areas, published up until 1957. In Katalog -1957 you can browse and request books from the library stacks.

  • In the portal Kriterium you find freely accessible peer reviewed books. The portal is a collaboration between several universities in Sweden. Gothenburg University Library participates in coordinating and providing technical support for the project.

  • KVINNSAM is an interdisciplinary database containing references to gender studies available at the University Library. In the database you will find articles, books, chapters and essays from 1970 onwards. KvinnSam is also the name of the National Resource Library for Gender Studies. KvinnSam is a part of Gothenburg University Library.



  • The University Library's collections of manuscripts consists mainly of archives from individuals and associations including letters, diaries and manuscripts. You find manuscripts in the database Alvin, and in card catalogues and directories at the Humanities Library.

  • Use Supersearch to search for maps in the library's collections. Digital maps can be found in the database list by filtering on the material type Maps and pictures. A collection of historical maps can be found at the Humanities Library and are indexed in a card catalogue. Contact the Humanities Library for help finding these maps.

  • The materials library is a collection of material samples, located at the Art Library. The collection is a selection from the database Material ConneXion and is open to visitors who want to see and feel the physical materials. The samples are to be used in the library and cannot be taken home.

  • Microfilm, see Newspapers
  • The Ministry Publication Series (Ds) contains reports of inquiries conducted by the ministries that are presented to the government as proposals. Ds in electronic versions can be found in the Library's law databases or on the government's website. Printed versions of Ds are available at the Economics Library and can be found by using Supersearch.

  • Music, see Audio and video or Scores




  • Papyri, see Papyrus
  • The University Library has a collection of 129 papyri from Egypt, the oldest ones almost 2000 years old and the youngest ones about 1200 years. The majority of the texts in the collection are in Greek although there are some in Coptic and some in Arabic. The papyrus collection is digitised and searchable in the database

  • When publishing in an open access journal, you often have to pay a publication fee to the publisher. The publication fee is called APC, article processing charge.

    Staff at Gothenburg University can publish open access with a discount on all or part of the publication fee in the journals indexed in our search service.

  • Publications from the University of Gothenburg, see GUP or Gupea