How to publish open access

There are three alternatives when you want to publish articles open access: publishing in an open access journal, self-archiving in an open archive or publishing in a so-called hybrid journal. Books and book chapters can also be published open access.

Publish journal articles open access

When you consider publishing your article open access you have several options. You can publish directly in an open access journal, self-archive a copy of your article in an open archive, or publish in a hybrid journal. The first two methods of open access publishing are often referred to as "gold" and "green" open access.

Publishing in an open access journal (gold)

Open access journals are peer reviewed journals which are freely available to everyone. When you want to publish in an open access journal there are a vast number of journals to choose from. This is also called Gold Open Access. You can use the database Directory of Open Access Journals to find an open access journal within your field of research.

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Open access journals are financed by an article processing charge paid by the author or institution. The University Library has signed agreements with several publishers which can give you a discount on the article processing charge.

About charges and discounts when publishing in open access journals

Self-archiving a manuscript copy (green)

Self-archiving means that you first publish your article in a subscription journal. After that you deposit a manuscript copy in an open archive, such as GUP. This is also called Green Open Access.

How to self-archive

Publishing open access in a hybrid journal

Hybrid journals are subscription journals which offer open access for single articles. It means that you make your specific article freely available by paying a charge. Most journal publishers have these kinds of hybrid journals.

Publish books open access

Open access books are books which are freely available to everyone. There are a number of publishers to choose from if you want to publish a book with open access. You can use the database Directory of Open Access Books to find a publisher.

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Publish open access via Kriterium or Gupea

The University Library provides two open access options for books: Kriterium and Gupea. Kriterium is a platform for scientifically reviewed monographs and anthologies. Gupea is the university's electronic archive that contains both peer-reviewed publications and books published without scientific review.

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