Forskningsdata: Increase your impact - publish your research data

Tisdag 13 oktober, kl. 12:00 - 12:30

Your research data can be highly valuable for people beyond your research group. Funders are also starting to require that you publish your data. In this presentation, we will talk about the benefits of publishing your research data as well as about different options and platforms to do so. We will also explain the most important limitations to publishing data and discuss what you should think of when choosing a repository.

The expectations and requirements from universities, funders and publishers regarding research data are increasing, and so are the ambitions of researchers to manage their data in an effective and transparent way. From writing a Data Management Plan to making your data open and reusable and complying with new regulations.

This webinar series, organized by the Research Data Support team, addressing the challenges but also explains the benefits of good research data management. Each webinar contains a quick guide to the topic and leads the way to additional information and support

  • Serie: Forskningsdatastöd
  • Evenemangstyp: Webinarium
  • Språk: Endast engelska
  • Målgrupp: Forskare